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Bath & Body Naturals assortment of products

Bath and Body Naturals – by Paula Van Dyck

Bath and Body Naturals, owned by Paula Van Dyck, brings you a high end line of bath and body products, that are effective, therapeutic and healthy. Online courses, extensive historical research & hands on formulation back Paula’s knowledge.

“All of my products are made in small batches to insure you the highest quality. Many of the products offered have been in research and development since 1994 and have been available to the general public since 1999. My product formulas are based on traditional use & extensive research with the assistance of professionally trained chemists & aromatherapists. Willing family & friends, not animals, test products.”

“Ingredients needed are obtained from reputable, experienced companies and laboratories, that supply only the highest quality forms of natural source plant derived ingredients. This provides a solid foundation for my all natural, plant based products. Because everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of using all natural, plant based products, items are offered at an affordable price.”

Paula Van Dyck

Doterra Essential Oils

“For those looking to lower daily toxic load, aromatic products are an easy place to start. Saying goodbye to synthetic fragrances from candles, air fresheners, and similar products doesn’t mean you have to give up the wonderful aromas you love. doTERRA brought together powerhouse fresheners, creating the Aroma Essentials Collection. With this kit, you’ll feel good about the huge step you’re taking toward lightening your toxic load.”

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assortment of Nature's Sunshine products

Nature’s Sunshine

“Nature’s Sunshine changed the world as the first company to put herbs into easy-to-take capsules. For almost 50 years we’ve brought the healing power of herbs to millions of people across America, and with over 600 products, we have something for everyone, starting with you.”

Nature’s Sunshine website

CBD Products

Clasara Oil offers cold pressed sunflower oil in both original and infused.  They also have a few unique seasoning blends that can be used for bread dipping, marinating or making fantastic vinaigrettes.  They also offer a group of CBD products that are hand made with most including their sunflower oil as an ingredient.  All of their products are made with care and attention to detail, using only the finest ingredients.

Native and Natural aroma therapy


Wilma Skenandore – Native & Natural

“Nature’s Plant Medicine Products.” Essential oils, gift baskets, herbal products, salves and massage oils, soaps, herbal teas, stones, custom jewelry by Wilma Skenandore. Native & Natural is a name you can trust for the very best herbs, plant medicines, salves, essential oils, aromatherapy, and natural tea blends. Our products are made by hand, not machines, and are made from A-CAM therapeutic-grade essential oils. We make small batches to insure that you receive freshly made products. Skenandore Native & Natural combines modern science and ancient Native American healing practices to bring feelings of well-being and quick pain relief to our customers.”

Wilma Skenandore

Assortment of Teas

cup of tea