Every day we hear testimonials from clients who find relief and relaxation at About Body. Hear a few in their own words:

What a relief!

“I suffered with a nerve problem in my elbow for about 6 years. A Physical Therapist did not help me. The Neurosurgeon I saw just recommended surgery, which I did not want to have. Lee Ann Laes used techniques from Neuromuscular Massage Therapy and was able to to release the muscles that trapped nerves in my arm. What a relief!”
Jane B.

She helped me improve my posture…

“At 80 years old, I have lots for Lee Ann Laes to work on. She helped me improve my posture by releasing muscle spasms in my back and neck, so I could stand up straighter. She works on my feet to improve flexibility and balance. All around, I have a warm glow that tells me good things are happening when she massages me.”
Marguerite B.

…I’m now basically pain-free

“I had chronic neck and back problems and a really bad hip problem that I thought was arthritis or something much more severe. With Lee Ann’s massage, stretches and instructions for strengthening I’m now basically pain-free.”
Jeff B.

She is a top notch professional!

“I would absolutely recommend Lee Ann as a Neuromuscular Therapist. Lee Ann’s knowledge and understanding of the body are exceptional. She is a top notch professional! She will get your body in tip top shape. The benefits I received from seeing Lee Ann are relief from pain and increased range of motion.”
Paula K.

Lee Ann is a very professional and capable therapist.

“I have lost a leg and have issues on the other leg and my back. Lee Ann has restored vital circulation and relieved my back pain. Lee Ann is a very professional and capable therapist. Lee Ann has another dimension that is rare today, the dimension is that she cares!”
Fred O.